MERCENARY - System screen

Clicking on the star picture will bring you to the Sector map centered in this star system.

Clicking on the planet picture will bring you to the Fleets section.

Clicking on [?] will open Planet info window with information about planet's type, size, location, resources and additional info about its owner.

Fleets. Clicking on this picture will bring you to the Fleets section. Fleets in the selected star system or having it as current/target position will be marked out.

Scan system for hordes/nodes/fleets. If you click on this picture, a new window with the list of all fleets detected in the star system will be opened. For every fleet is specified its race, Empire name and alliance. In the case of your own fleet - you'll see target position and its mission.

Planetary survey give you possibility to obtain info about constructions on the planet. You can increase probability of success by introducing "Additional resources" value. If the planetary survey is failed, then targeted Empire will get an event about this.