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Emperor L
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[Post Date: 12-Aug-2007 15:44]

I know this cant be done now, but another idea for the future maybe...

Right now an invaded planet takes one planet off your colonisation limit. The reason is that the col limit increases 25% every 500 turns, so invadeing a planet will effect the ammount of planets you can take next limit increase.

This make invading more of a dissadvantage, as quite often the planets you take are not as good as a planet you could colonise later...

Making the colonisation limit increase every 500 turns works well so...

Have a colonisation counter, this will count how many planets are colonised, and will not be effected by invading a planet. If some your planets get taken however, you will only be able to colonise again if you planet count is less than you limit, and then your only allowed to colonise up to your limit again.

Basicaly when trying to colonise a planet, check:

if (((colonisationCounter < colnisationLimit) or (numberOfPlanets < colonisationLimit)) colonisePlanet = True)

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