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Предложение по кронгами / about krong's / U4
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4718-Sep-2004 18:2831-Aug-2005 13:30Green
Three suggestions that speed up playing227-May-2009 19:5401-Jun-2009 02:01Emperor L
Merc propultion confusion229-Aug-2008 07:3404-Nov-2008 08:57Maverick
Population in planet list202-Nov-2008 14:1404-Nov-2008 08:54Maverick
Challenge.515-Sep-2007 01:4206-Oct-2007 13:53Emperor L
Next Galaxy is.....421-Aug-2007 19:0627-Aug-2007 19:47Emperor L
Colonisation limit is not effected by invasion112-Aug-2007 15:4412-Aug-2007 15:44Emperor L
Human, troop loading.111-Aug-2007 00:2311-Aug-2007 00:23Emperor L
Extra Merc missions108-Aug-2007 19:0108-Aug-2007 19:01Emperor L
Ticks slower , Calculation Add-On , System List window in Krong report.403-Feb-2006 14:0318-Jun-2007 20:51Emperor L
Fleet force feilds214-Jun-2007 17:1514-Jun-2007 17:27Emperor L
Turn Timer405-Mar-2007 04:4410-Apr-2007 00:03Disrupter
New galaxy ideas217-Feb-2007 18:3417-Feb-2007 18:41Emperor L
more faster turns925-Oct-2005 17:5903-Feb-2007 00:44Emperor L
Tournament122-Jan-2007 12:4522-Jan-2007 12:45Nyghtshade
Fleets Path finding104-Oct-2006 01:1504-Oct-2006 01:15Emperor L
Turns217-Sep-2006 01:5817-Sep-2006 12:06Emperor L
Race Balancing1007-Jun-2006 23:1007-Jul-2006 13:38Emperor L
The Pleiads Next???106-Jul-2006 14:5206-Jul-2006 14:52Emperor L
Evaporating Black holes331-May-2006 18:5227-Jun-2006 17:02Jay147
Update Guide, BH Power1223-May-2006 00:5431-May-2006 12:55Emperor L
Krong idea
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2507-Apr-2006 00:1815-May-2006 20:46Green
Balancing/Mercs to difficult to fight?1004-Mar-2006 01:0612-May-2006 04:39MickeyMouse
Human-Building orbital bases109-May-2006 12:3509-May-2006 12:35Emperor L
Fleet/Horde/Node organisation idea826-Apr-2006 00:1830-Apr-2006 21:21Emperor L
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