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[Post Date: 28-Sep-2005 00:16]

i think it would be handy to have a building or just an option to save resources so buildings/organs/nodes/modules in the queue wont use up these even if there is no resources in general stock

just something to save resources in so you have what you need later on
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[Post Date: 29-Sep-2005 20:21]

just put them on stop, then they won't grow, simple enough
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[Post Date: 29-Sep-2005 21:16]

yeah but i mean if you only wanna save enough resources to send 1 egg out but want to spend all the other resources on organs
Klutz Lament
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[Post Date: 06-Oct-2005 22:18]

I concur. I would like to be able to reserve resources so that I can have some when I need them while I am building. For example, with a Human empire, I could set it so that I could always have some energy to search planets with.

The way I see it, I would be able to set a reserve amount for each resource. The amount of a resource available for building things in the queue would be the total amount of that resource minus the reserve amount. It would be kind of similar to the Krong resource assignments, except that it would be a constant value instead of a percentage. The assignment screen seems like the appropriate place to put it. It could also be added to the new extended status screens (I read that someone was creating some).
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[Post Date: 06-Oct-2005 23:18]

yeah i agree, it would be good to have and it shouldn't be hard to implement either, compared to all the other cool stuff the have done
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[Post Date: 02-Nov-2005 05:07]

Why don't you use the trader stock to save resources ? Transferring resources to the trader stock takes some time, but it still works for me.