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[Post Date: 08-Sep-2005 01:11]

The mercenaries has only nasty mission: sabotage, destroy, etc.
What about a defensive, patrol missions like defending particular planet or sector like 0:0 to 50:50.
the fee would depend on the lenght and coverage of the required help and bonuses for destroyed enemy ships and penalties for loosing colony to human, krong, merc fleet bombing ( fagur assimilation can't be intercepted with fleet) and no money if the taker of the mission betray whom requested the mission.
I know that is possible via alliance system, but there is no direct fee for the mercenary member and there are circumtances when somebody don't want to participate in alliance.

Klutz Lament
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[Post Date: 11-Sep-2005 02:46]

That sounds kinda difficult to code, though. You could always make such an agreement directly with the player, players, or alliance that you would be patrolling for.
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[Post Date: 13-Sep-2005 18:58]

mercs should be able to land ships on a planet of an ally and protect that planet and when you do a planet scan, these show up too
so that they can defend a planet and not a sytem incase you defend for an enemy when someone else was trying to attack them. as you have an aggressive status and they are neutral