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Like Ground Space, there could be orbit space. New buildings could be added: (since i've only played human and know em well I will list what i think for them)

Orbital Defense: (instead of Orb. Base page change it to Orb. Def.)

Starbase: The normal defese Starbase.
Orbital Shield: Creates a shield around the planet that prevents an invasion and protects orbiting struction/bases. Shield also has a 60% chance to take a hit that was dirrected toward a friendly fleet. Shield can be disrupted by mercs. Shield takes damage as long as it has crystals powering it. 1 crystal is=to 2 damage(something like that). Players can allocate crystals to an orbital shield through the Orb. Defense page.

Orbiting Economical Structures:
Solar Array: Increases Efficiency of all economy buildings by 50% with first building, Second is 25%+the 50%=75%, third is 12.5%+75%=87.5% ect. These structures should be big so you cannot have more than 3-4.
Moon Miner: Some planets may be small and have no surface importance, but may have large moons worth mining. Moons could be like minature planets, but if that complicates things too much maybe all moons produce average minerals. Moon would not produce bio. Anyways the Moon Miner orbits and mines moons around the planet producing aditional resources.

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I think if you were creative you could come up with more orbital structures for the other races. Mercs would be out of the loop of course, but with orbital structures, Mercs get more jobs like destroy Moon Miner, ect.
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Because you've played with Human race only, you tend to see things from one point of view. Your ideas are quite logic and probably in other game where all races are similar they would find their way into code. I suggest you to play or at least try other races. Would be great if all suggestions consider all races and not just one.