Extension mainframe

This is a basic module - all modules are connected to an Extension mainframe. Mainframes can be connected together, making possibility to mount more modules. Each mainframe has 10 slots - this mean that you can mount 10 modules per mainframe.

Assembling module

Automated assembling complexes, which produce Fighters and Spy Units. The amount of produced units per module depends on your Production tech level.

Base production values
Fighters (at 100% rate) 1
Spy Units (at 100% rate)2

Propulsion module

The Propulsion module is a warp field generator - it allows you to move your base. The speed with which your base can travel in space depends on your Space tech level and the amount of Propulsion modules. Each module can move 8 other modules. If there are an insufficient number of modules, your Base cannot move, and this is independent of your Space tech level.

Science module

Scientific laboratories which will assist scientists in their daily job, allowing a faster research for new technologies and theories.

Defense module

Heavily armored automated defense sytems. When you have no fleet near your Base and your Base is visible, there will be only one defense line: the Defense module.

Comcenter module

These modules are used to communicate with your operational fleet. Generally, Mercenary fleet can operate in 60% of base scanners' range. From the beginning scanners' range is 50 quadrants, and each 125 Comcenter modules extend it with 1 quadrant. You may also extend operational range by researching Communication tech level. These modules are also used by Mercenaries for their own business - this is another way to get some money.

Base production values
Money revenue53

Cloaking module

The most high-tech module in the whole Galaxy. Produced by the Traders, they can hide your Base from unwanted eyes, sensors, radars, etc. When your Base is not moving and it has enough Cloaking modules, it becomes invisible on the map, for other players.

NOTE: Cloaking modules and Propulsion modules cannot work at the same time, due to interference between warp and cloaking field.

 MERCENARY - Space ships

Mercenary Fighter

Universal craft, highly maneuverable, medium damage, widely used for Mercenary operations.

Mercenary Spy Units

Automated spy drones. Mainly used for spy missions.