MERCENARY - Resources used by Mercenaries

In most of the screens in the game, you will see a status bar at the top that shows the most important figures. This is the main source of information of your Empire’s resources situation.

If you forget what resource pictures represent, you may hold your mouse pointer over it to get a hint label with the resource name.


Credits are the only resource you need. You can get credits in two ways:
  • In your own comcenters, you dispose of some credits from your mercenaries covert operations.
  • By selling loot obtained from raids, on the market.
  • Modules / Max modules

    These values indicates how many modules are mounted and the maximum possible value of mounted modules for the current amount of mainframes. The amount of modules, which can be mounted, depends on the number of mainframes and doesn't depend on your tech level.

    Fighters / Max fighters

    Number of controlled fighters, depending on your Communication tech level. This value shows how many fighters you have and the maximum amount of fighters you can control.

    Galactic time

    A universal galactic time. Its format was provided by Traders race, wich controls all trading exchanges in the Galaxy.