MERCENARY - General description

Mercenaries - the warriors of all races from all parts of the Galaxy. They undertake the most risky actions. They do not use resources - everything buy from the Traders.

 MERCENARY - Getting started

When you first log on to Delta Quadrant: Empires, you'll be at the Comcenter screen. This will give you a basic rundown of the status of your Base. If you have any messages, these will also be displayed here.

As a Mercenary, you do not need to waste your time with exploring the worlds - because the Mercenary Guild provides you with an access to the biggest database in the Galaxy - you have all the necessary info at your fingertips.

REMEMBER: Your Base is your life! If you lose your Base, you lose your life. Mercenaries have a unique technology, called Cloaking modules. Even the high-tech Krong does not have it. With enough Cloaking modules and when your Base is not moving in space, it is invisible, so it cannot be attacked. The home fleet is invisible too when idled and in Defense mode. Find a safe place and no one can see your fleet and Base.

NOTE: If your Empire age is less then 300 turns - nobody can attack you. Also you cannot attack other Empires.

Do not forget about comcenters - this is the main source of your income, in case you will not have any contracts.

Start research technologies immediately - your power depend on your tech level too. Use Reports to see if there are easy targets around you - this can be a new unprotected colony. Trade your loot on the market - and buy all your needs there.