MERCENARY - Alliance

When you start playing, you are not a part of any alliance. First you will see a list of existing alliances and have the possibility to join or create an alliance.

  • When joining an alliance, a request to the alliance's leader will be send. Until you receive a response to your request or after the expiration of your request, you will not be able to join another alliance.
  • If you want to create an alliance, you will have to fill a specific form. You'll be the leader of created alliance, until a new leader is elected.
  • When you join an alliance, you'll have access to several alliance features.

  • List of existing alliances.
  • Possibility to leave the alliance.
    NOTE: After leaving, you'll not be able to join or create an alliance for several turns.
  • Politics - here you'll take votes for new leader.
  • Relations - here you'll see how your relations with other alliances are.
  • Strategic Map - information about alliance territory.
  • There are two states of alliance relations.

    Nonaggression Pact (NAP) - fleets in Aggressive mode will not attack alliances' fleets you have NAP with. NAP state become valid if both sides sign it.

    WAR - fleets in Guard and Aggressive mode will attack fleets you have WAR with. WAR state become valid if at least one side declares it.

    If you are alliance leader, you'll have 2 votes in any election. As alliance leader, you'll have access to additional features.
  • Edit the alliance name.
  • Expel members.
  • Accept new members.
  • Assign forum moderators.
  • Establish or break off diplomatic relations with other alliances.