KRONG - Traders

This screen will help you in trading operations on the Galaxy Market. Here you can see available sum of money.


You can purchase and sell goods here. Note, that you can sell goods only from your Trader's stock. In "Max lot" column is indicated maximum quantity available for one transaction.

Each purchase and sale will have an influence on respective good's price. Modification of the price depends on many factors, for example, on the transaction volume.


You can transfer some goods between Empire's stock and Trader's stock. Note, that transfer to Trader's stock takes several turns, while transfer to Empire's stock has an immediate result.

Besides the resources you can transfer and then sell your military units, if they are in Idle mode in your Home system location. Krong can transfer Y-Units, Humans - Fighters, Bombers and Capital Ships, Mercenaries - Spy Units and Fighters.


From this menu you can access money transfer system. Note, that
  • it is available only between members of the same alliance;
  • money can be transfered only if the remitter's age is more than 300 turns;
  • there is a minimal and maximal limits of money for one transfer;
  • Traders set a 10% rate for each transaction.

    If you don't like the prices for goods on the Galaxy Market, you may wait until they will change or use T-exchange possibility.

    All exchanged goods will be placed in your Trader's stock.