KRONG - Reports

When entering to Reports screen, you will see a list of existing reports. There are four reports available for Krong, each report provides detailed data on the respective field.


This is an detailed general report. It will provide you with information of almost all aspects of your Empire. Here you can find information on available, producing and consuming resources, the amount of nodes and their current state. This report will give the most correct picture of your Empire's status.


This report shows list of Y-Nodes in your Y-Network, their location and Relative time to arrival (RTTA).

NOTE: You can click on the star icon to switch to the respective System Screen.


This report will provide you with a list of all known planets. Because the planet list can be very big, there is a filter implemented. To activate the filter, just select the appropriate values and click on the Apply filter link.

There are some parameters for to filter the planet list. You can change resources parameters from None to Ultra Rich in Minerals, Crystals and Biomass. (Read more about planets in DQ GALAXY). You have posiibility to select planet type and minimal/maximal planet size values. Planet list can be filtered by range (from the Home system) or by area (if you introduce space coordinates). You can check radio-button to filter free planet or belonging to an Empire or alliance.

The resulting planet list provides detailed information on each planet and its resources. It also shows if there is a colony on the planet and shows you (by the way of colors) the status of the planet owner.

NOTE: Click on the planet icon to switch to the respective Planet Screen.


This report will give you a list of last 100 battles your nodes took part in and detailed information on each one of them.