KRONG - I-Nodes

I-Nodes (or Supply nodes) are the basis of Krong Empire. I-Nodes produce all Krong resources like Energy, Metals and Y-Units.

NOTE: Exist some expand limits for Krong Empire. You can take up to 50 planets, other planets can be obtained only if 95% of the planets' surface is occupied.

Action result message.

List of all I-Nodes with detailed info.

Orders form.

 KRONG - I-Node Commands


Cancel current action and switch into standby mode. You cannot cancel morphing or switch a landed node from landing mode to standby.

JUMP Command

Jump to target coordinates. I-Nodes always jump with acceleration 2, but they donít need extra energy for jumping, moreover the node can perform jumps from/to star systems.


Land to/Lift from planet. If the node is in standby mode in a star system, it can be landed on a free planet. When the node is landed, it can be lifted from the planet.

NOTE: If the planet is occupied by another player, an I-Node cannot be landed on the planet. You must find another free planet, not colonized by other player. If you want to free the occupied planet, you must use the Bombard action for one of your M-Nodes.