KRONG - General description

Krong is not a race in common understanding, it is an entity, avatar of Energy. Little is known about it. But from the little we know, we can say for sure that:
  • Krong - has no individuals but consists of a network of nano-machines and Energy interjoined with space continuum.
  • Krong - is highly flexible in matter of its physical part. Any of it's unit can be transformed in other, using just Energy.
  • Krong - has been usually spotted near giant hot stars as it has a great appetite for Energy.
  •  KRONG - Getting started

    When you first log into Delta Quadrant: Empires you'll be at the Core screen. This will give you a basic rundown of the state of your Empire. If you have any messages it will also be displayed here.

    As Krong your strength lies in the speed at which you can expand on and scan worlds, as well as the viciousness of your attacks. Your weakness is the dependency you have on your slow I-Nodes, because once they are gone, you die. So based on your strength, your first priority is to expand your Empire.

    If started in star system with a hot star, your main goal is to morph available Y-Units into CEC, CF and CM. If your system doesn't have a hot star, try to find a hot star around or use available planets. Use Extended Core Status report to decide if you must land CEC or leave them orbiting star.

    NOTE: CEC can produce more Energy orbiting hot and big star, then landed on Ultra Rich Crystals planet.

    Do not forget about CM - this units produce Metals and hyper them to Core - Metals are used together with Energy for maintenance purposes.

    NOTE: If your Empire age is less then 300 turns - nobody can attack you. Also you cannot attack other Empires.

    After a bit of expansion, when your I-Nodes can produce the necessary amount of Energy, Metals and Y-Units, think about the protection of your system. Create U2 and U3 (Y-Units conglomerates) - they are more powerful against enemy fleets. Finally, when your Empire is powerful enough, you can throw your enemies in the darkness - use U4 as ultimate weapon as it can collaps stars.