HUMAN - Planets

Managing your planets is one of the most important things that need to be done. We provide you with two ways of planet management.


In this screen you'll get a list of all the planets you have colonized. There will be info on each planet as follows:


In comparison with the Planets screen, the planet info from System screen will only show info on the selected planet.

Planet info: class type, coordinates, planet surface info (used/total). You also can see a picture of the planet. If you will place the mouse on the picture you will see planet's resources distribution.

NOTE: Clicking on the planet picture will bring you to the System screen with the planet info active.

Buildings info. Here you can see available|in progress|ordered numbers of buildings on a planet. The text in [n] shows time needed for building construction on the planet.

Building order form. First you have to select a planet. Then you have to choose how many buildings you want to construct or demolish.

Construction of the ordered buildings will not start immediately. All orders will be placed in a Queue. You can also demolish your buildings, just type "-" (minus sign) before the amount you wish to demolish.

NOTE: Demolishing is an immediate result action. Read more about buildings in the Human buildings & units section.

All your actions will result in the following screen:

Order placed in Queue (no immediate result).

Building(s) demolished (an immediate result).