HUMAN - Traders: Mercenary services

As you know, Mercenaries have some special relations with Traders, therefore Mercenary Guild is qualified to offer services to other Empires. Of course, you can deal with Mercenaries about one or another mission without assistance. However Mercenary Guild guarantee that ordered mission will be accomplished or you'll take back your money (even with some pecuniary compensation, if somebody takes the mission, but cannot accomplish it).

So in Mercenary services section you'll have folowing possibilities:
  • to place an order for Mercenary services;
  • to view your orders and to cancel those, which are not proceeded;
  • to take the mission (only for Mercenaries);
  • to report about mission accomplishment (only for Mercenaries).
  • Why are Mercenary services convenient?
  • You remain incognito nobody (even Mercenary, who takes your order) will not know who is the customer.
  • You can order subversive activities upon the ally's planets or alliances you cannot wage war with.
  • You spend only money your forces don't suffer damage.
  • Mercenary services are available even for Empires which have no own forces.
  • You don't need to rush along the Galaxy, if your enemy is at the back of beyond.
  • You determine oneself the reward and the insurance fee.
  • It is clear, that there are some inconveniences using Mercenary services:
  • in the case of failed or resigned mission you have taken, the insurance fee is not paied back (only for Mercenaries);
  • if you want to cancel order, the difference between the reward and the insurance fee will be paied back (so the insurance fee remains in Mercenary Guild);
  • exist a minimal cost for missions and a minimal insurance fee nobody works free gratis and for nothing.