HUMAN - General description

Humans - they are just human people. The origin is not known. They are the most understandable to an ordinary player.

 HUMAN - Getting started

When you first log into Delta Quadrant: Empires you'll be at the Capital screen. This will give you a basic rundown of the state of your Empire. If you have any messages it will also be displayed here.

As Human your strength lies in the speed at which you can explore worlds and colonize new planets, as well as the viciousness of your attacks. Your weakness is the dependency of the resources. Because once they are gone, you die.

So based on your strength, your first priority is to create your potential. At start you got the minimal number of resources. Because they are restricted, first of all you need to build Mine Complexes and Farm Complexes. Use Extended Empire Status report. It is important to have in "Net value" column minimal increase of Food and maximal increase of Metals and Energy. After approximative 30 turns you will mine resources. If after these steps you have no positive balance, you can destroy your ships.

NOTE: If your Empire age is less then 300 turns - nobody can attack you. Also you cannot attack other Empires.

Try to find planets with Average, Rich and Ultra Rich resources around your Home system. After a bit of expansion, when your can produce the necessary amount of Energy, Metals and Food, think about the protection of your system. Create Military Bases and Orbital Bases - they are powerful against enemy fleets.