FAGUR - Hordes

Hordes are swarms of creatures with no intelligence and fully controlled by the Fagur entity. The only way to expand by force is to use hordes.

In this screen you'll get a list of all hordes with specific info, such as current and target positions, the amount of specific creatures, horde mission, etc.

NOTE: Fagur hordes do not travel in space, they cannot be intercepted by any space fleets. When assimilating, infesting or relocating fagur hordes wil exit subspace directly in planet atmosphere, therefore they bypass any orbital and space defences.

Action result message.

Hordes list with additional information for each of them.

Orders form. Here is where you actually command your hordes and where you give them specific orders.

 FAGUR - Hordes Orders


Because all your creatures hatch in your main system, from time to time you will need to relocate your creatures to other systems for defensivee purposes. Only Anizaks can be relocated. To do so they need Sarcs. Each Sarc can relocate a limited amount of Anizaks. You must also provide valid coordinates of a system where you possess at least one planet. After the relocation order, the Anizaks are catapulted to the target system and all Sarcs used for this action die. This means that only Anizaks will reach the destination.


The Infest action is an aggressive action against your enemy (Humans call it Fagur bombardment). Infestation is a Sarcs mission only and it can only be done on planets. Each Sarc fires into subspace a projectile of biological nature. This projectile will travel to the targeted planet where it will cause devastation when it reaches the ground. The only way to stop these projectiles is to have planetary defenses on the attacked planet. After firing the projectile, the used Sarc will die.


This action is similar to the Relocate order. The only difference is that you have to specify a target planet. If the assimilation succeeded, you'll gain a new planet and eventually some resources. When a human planet is assimilated the remaining population will mutate in Anizaks and Sarcs. When a fagur planet is assimilated and there are enemy Sarcs in same system some of them will be captured.

KILL Order

The Kill order is often used when you can't feed your creatures. To do this, just enter, in the order form, the amount of creatures you want to kill, and specify their horde.

NOTE: The Kill order has an immediate result. This means that you have to check your inputs carefully before issuing the order.


This action has immediate result. Anizaks from selected horde will use Biogel and make a strong Psi-storm in specified location. All Human fleets and Mercenary Fighters will be affected. Anizaks take control over Human and Mercenary pilots and make them to self destroy. The effectiveness for the Psi-storm will decrease with range (bigger the distance is the less damage will be inflicted) and has no effect in star system.


This action has immediate result. Anizaks from selected horde will use some resources and mutate into Sarcs.