FAGUR - General description

Not much is known about this "race" except that it is not a race per se. It seems to be one entity made up of many organs that serve the whole. Even the creatures that are most often seen and regarded as drones or slaves are actually avatars of the entity and are fully controlled with no will or intelligence.

This entity has the ability to span multiple systems and still be one mind.

 FAGUR - Getting started

When you first log into Delta Quadrant: Empires you'll be at the Hive screen. This will give you a basic rundown of the state of your entity. If you have any messages, they will also be displayed here.

As Fagur your strength lies in the speed at which you can expand on and sense worlds, as well as the viciousness of your attacks. Your weakness is the dependency you have on your Hives, because once they are gone you die. So based on your strength, your first priority is to expand your entity.

NOTE: If your Empire age is less then 300 turns - nobody can attack you. Also you cannot attack other Empires.