In Delta Quadrant: Empires can engage in space battles, orbital battles or planetary battles. Butbefore any battle mercenaries do spy missions. In this section, we will explain the battle model for each case.

NOTE: Fagur hordes do not travel in space, they cannot be intercepted by any space fleets. When assimilating, infesting or relocating fagur hordes wil exit subspace directly in planet atmosphere, therefore they bypass any orbital and space defences.

 BATTLE SYSTEM - Spy missions

NOTE: Only mercenaries are able to conduct spy missions.

All spy units with a spy mission set are invisible to other players until they succeed or fail that mission.

Spy tech and a random factor is considered if a mission is successfull or failed.

Spy mission take place first and only after that all other battles take place.

 BATTLE SYSTEM - Space battle

NOTE: All hostile actions against your allies will be canceled.

Space battle will take place as follows:
  • Visible fleets, including visible Mercenary Bases will participate in battle only.
  • Fleets that are in each location might fight with each other.
  • For each fleet in battle:
  • If a fleet has a specific target (Empire ID) it will search fleets from targeted Empire and will attack, if any. Otherwise this fleet will behave as it would be in Idle mode.
  • If a fleet is in Idle mode and has Aggressive tactics it will first try to attack any fleet from alliance you are in war with. If no target found it will attack any non allied fleet.
  • If fleet is in Idle mode and has Guard tactics it will attack fleets from alliance you are in war with only, if any.
  • If a fleet has an Aggressive mission against a planet, fleets from attacked planet or fleets allied with attacked planet will try to intercept the aggressor.
  • If a fleet after that will not have any target and it was set to help allies, in this case it will search any ally under attack and help him.
  • If a fleet is in battle and other fleets from same Empire do not have any target, they will help first one in its mission.
  • If a fleet is under attack and still has no target it will try to reply.
  •  BATTLE SYSTEM - Orbital battle

    This case will only happen when a Human colony is attacked and a defensive Orbital Base is present.
  • The Orbital Base will first engage attacking fleet.

  • If the fleet survived the base's attack, it will first engage the base and damage it, and then will proceed to the next phase (bombardment, conquering, etc).
  • NOTE: Fagur "Bio bombs" and Anizaks will bypass this planetary defense line. They will appear directly in the atmosphere of the planet. Only Fagur units have this possibility.

     BATTLE SYSTEM - Planetary battle

    This type of battle can take place when a planet is bombarded, invaded or raided.

  • First, planetary defenses will attack "Bio-bombs", Bombers or Y-Units.
  • If any of aggressive units are left over after this planetary defensive fire, they will inflict damage to the structures and habitants of the planet.
  • Inflicted damage is changed by a random factor +/-30% and then it is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the planet. The more space is occupied by a construction, the more damage it will take.

    NOTE: Any race can bombard planets.

  • First, planetary defenses will attack Human drop ships or Fagur Anizaks.
  • If part of the conquering/assimilation forces survives, they will initiate ground battle.
  • First the conquering/assimilation forces will inflict damage, then the planetary forces will retaliate. This sequence will happen 3 times or until one of the opponents is destroyed.
  • NOTE: Only Fagur can assimilate and Humans can conquer a planet.
  • If Humans succeed in conquering a Human planet, they will capture a reasonable amount of buildings on the planet and a portion of resources and technologies.
  • If Humans succeed in conquering a Fagur or Krong planet, a portion of resources will be captured and all planetary items will be recycled into resources.
  • If Fagur succeed in assimilation a Fagur planet, a reasonable amount of organs on the planet, some resources and some sarcs will be captured, if available.
  • If Fagur succeed in assimilation a Krong planet, a portion of resources will be captured and all planetary items will be recycled into resources.
  • If Fagur succeed in assimilation a Human planet, a portion of resources will be captured and all planetary items will be recycled into resources. All planet population left after assimilation will be transformed into Fagur Anizaks and Fagur Sarcs.
  • RAID
  • First, planetary defenses will attack the raiding forces.
  • If part of the raiding forces survives, an amount of items will be stolen from the planet. This amount is proportional with the value of the planet in comparison to the general value of the Empire.
  • NOTE: Only Mercenaries can raid.


    In each phase of the battle damage is distributed accordingly to unit vulnerability. A unit will take more damage if it is more vulnerable.

    Y-Unit 1
    U2 75
    U3 165
    U4 (Collapser) 1250
    Cyber Energy Complex750
    Cyber Factory 600
    Cyber Mine 675
    Mercenary Fighter 15
    Mercenary Spy Unit 1
    Assembling module 450
    Propulsion module 400
    Science module 150
    Comcenter module 200
    Cloaking module 300
    Defense module 600
    Human Fighter 1
    Human Bomber 9
    Capital Ship 725
    Transport 65
    Colonization Ship 625

     BATTLE SYSTEM - Fagur basic values

    HP DMG
    Hive 15000
    Necator 900
    Troph 900
    Proglotum 750
    Tachy 1200 4600
    Anizak 5 3
    Sarc 75 3 (active during first phase of planetary battle only)
    "Bio bomb" 9 9

     BATTLE SYSTEM - Krong basic values

    HP DMG
    Y-Unit 1 1
    U2 120 60
    U3 300 200
    U4 (Collapser) 2500
    Cyber Energy Complex1725 9200 (landed) / 920 (in space)
    Cyber Factory 1200
    Cyber Mine 1350

     BATTLE SYSTEM - Human basic values

    HP DMG
    Orbital Base 1500000 500000
    Fighter 1 1
    Bomber 12 9
    Capital Ship 1450 1000
    Transport 30 (300 in planetary battles)
    Colonization Ship 1250
    Habitat Complex 525
    Production Complex 750
    Science Lab 600
    Mine Complex 750
    Farm Complex 525
    Military Base 1400 6450
    Population 1 10 (per 1000 people)
    Troops 2 1

     BATTLE SYSTEM - Mercenaries basic values

    HP DMG
    Mercenary Fighter 20 15
    Mercenary Spy Unit 1 1
    Assembling module 900
    Propulsion module 450
    Science module 300
    Comcenter module 1800
    Cloaking module 600
    Defense module 1200 10000