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Delta Quadrant: Empires - rules and regulations118-May-2004 12:2318-May-2004 12:23Maverick
Recommendations & requirements for playing Delta Quadrant: Empires114-May-2004 12:0214-May-2004 12:02Maverick
Migration: complete!129-Mar-2006 22:2929-Mar-2006 22:29Green
The Pleiads galaxy changes122-Sep-2005 20:1222-Sep-2005 20:12Maverick
Some changes for next round in TG117-Sep-2005 21:3717-Sep-2005 21:37Maverick
Version 1.2 next round modifications112-Aug-2005 11:5812-Aug-2005 11:58Maverick
Version 1.2 features105-Jul-2005 11:3905-Jul-2005 11:39Maverick
Wiki Guide106-May-2005 20:1406-May-2005 20:14Green
Testing Grounds Galaxy reset Sunday, 31th of January.129-Jan-2005 21:2129-Jan-2005 21:21Maverick
First DELTA QUADRANT: Empires TOURNAMNET announced329-Dec-2004 08:5306-Jan-2005 14:53Maverick
The Pleiads are waiting for You !109-Nov-2004 20:4409-Nov-2004 20:44Maverick
Testing Grounds Galaxy reset Sunday, 7th November.105-Nov-2004 22:4805-Nov-2004 22:48Green
Trio galaxy DB rollbacked120-Oct-2004 19:0120-Oct-2004 19:01Maverick
Wallpapers113-Oct-2004 18:5613-Oct-2004 18:56Maverick
HTML pages compression103-Oct-2004 00:0303-Oct-2004 00:03Green
NEW Trading System118-Aug-2004 15:4618-Aug-2004 15:46Maverick
Beta 4 v1.0 RC 2 CHANGES210-Aug-2004 15:4610-Aug-2004 23:47Green
Old accounts removed110-Aug-2004 17:1310-Aug-2004 17:13Maverick
B3 v1.0 RC1 TOP 10s103-Aug-2004 17:0203-Aug-2004 17:02Maverick
Beta 3 RC1 Ends tomorrow102-Aug-2004 11:3202-Aug-2004 11:32Maverick
Server's downtime121-Jul-2004 15:5021-Jul-2004 15:50Maverick
RC1 - NEW IN GAME VALUES !!!116-Jul-2004 12:3516-Jul-2004 12:35Maverick
Beta 3 v1.0 RC1 starting101-Jul-2004 13:1301-Jul-2004 13:13Maverick
Temporary register/activation problem101-Jul-2004 11:3901-Jul-2004 11:39Green
Emails with activation code...230-Jun-2004 13:5030-Jun-2004 14:05Green
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