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Galaxy reset329-Sep-2008 18:5330-Oct-2008 09:40Maverick
Reset Test Galaxy 629-Jun-2008 06:0416-Aug-2008 13:30Maverick
Multi account in the same galaxy is not allowed right?817-Jun-2008 22:3602-Aug-2008 07:27Winterangelo
What galaxy will be next?
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2208-Jan-2008 13:0714-Jun-2008 12:56Emperor L
crystal production210-Jun-2008 06:3110-Jun-2008 12:24Emperor L
What happens when you change domain?625-Mar-2008 16:1902-Apr-2008 13:27Winterangelo
Chat Room in MIRC!616-Nov-2004 18:2313-Mar-2008 19:24Green
Nea and, hopefully, not abused307-Jan-2008 04:1209-Jan-2008 19:35Emperor L
Fagur Adjustments225-Oct-2007 01:4425-Oct-2007 22:19Emperor L
Next Round - Battle in The Eye1114-Sep-2007 13:5821-Oct-2007 21:05Emperor L
Vacation mode.802-Feb-2007 19:3226-Aug-2007 13:05Emperor L
Vote at Top Web Games!!!110-Aug-2007 22:2510-Aug-2007 22:25Emperor L
Where next?1321-May-2007 22:0809-Jul-2007 01:21Emperor L
Next round?1020-Apr-2007 20:3431-May-2007 21:45Emperor L
CEC729-Jan-2006 12:2526-May-2007 14:49Emperor L
Emoticons - Smileys - wateva u wanna call 'em304-Feb-2007 21:1724-Apr-2007 17:00Shinobi-Thief
Old Round Results
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1920-Sep-2006 09:0227-Mar-2007 01:38Emperor L
Use of the Forums222-Mar-2007 22:4423-Mar-2007 01:00Parallax
The Eye806-Feb-2007 19:4617-Feb-2007 22:59Shinobi-Thief
Psi storm1223-Jan-2007 22:0224-Jan-2007 00:56Emperor L
Active and Inactive Galaxies229-Dec-2006 22:1523-Jan-2007 01:22Emperor L
TO ADMINISTRATORS - Merc Guardian1214-Jan-2007 19:3122-Jan-2007 22:25Emperor L
DQ:E Tournament battle round?331-Dec-2006 22:5622-Jan-2007 13:59Emperor L
Next Round?916-Dec-2006 00:2422-Dec-2006 23:43Emperor L
Questions about gameplay - MERCENARY
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4713-Apr-2004 14:1922-Nov-2006 21:00Emperor L
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