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[Post Date: 21-May-2005 18:12]

i have a problem im a human empire and my queue doesn't upgrade at the click - none of the things in my queue are put into construction, i have way more then enough resourses and my things are not 'stopped' orders. please help
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[Post Date: 21-May-2005 23:33]

Are you trying to build colonization ship or train troops on planet with low population?
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[Post Date: 22-May-2005 00:17]

Can You provide Your Empire ID?
P.S. In any case I did DB backup, so we can reproduce this bug if any.
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[Post Date: 22-May-2005 04:23]

im 1020 in TG
thanks comrade i was trying to build some troops on planets with low populations
i guess because the troops were at the front of the queue they stopped evertthing else in the queue from building also.
rearranged queue got non-troops built
thanks alot guys