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[Post Date: 09-Jul-2005 15:49]

In Trio I run into an energy problem. I produce about 7k energy and need 8k - my store go down to 22 until I noticed this problem.
I try to buy as much energy as I can on the market and morph new cec units but I run outr of energy two turn before the cec units are ready. I thought this means that some of my units will not work for this two turns or maybe they will destroyed (1k energy miss of 7k = 15%).
But - as I enter the game two turns later - 90% of my cf and cm note were destroyed and my score drops from 1.2M to 200k.

Is this intended ?
I found nothing about this in the manual.


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[Post Date: 09-Jul-2005 18:07]

Yes, it is ok. When you run out of resources you lose some units - system try to do autobalancing. It is not specified in Guide (nor for Krong, nor for other races), but we assumed this is logically clear.
We will add some lines of comments into the Guide about this.
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[Post Date: 09-Jul-2005 23:32]

Sorry - but this was not my point.
If the energy miss is 15% I expect to loose maximal 15% of my energy-consuming units, because then my energy output match my needs. But I lost 90% of all energy consuming units.
This is a strange balancing !!!

May be the algorithm calculate first the units with can be supported with the existing energy and calculate then the energy they produce.
I suggest to change this, because the number of unit you lost depends only from the rest energy you have.
Eg: Ig you have 1 energy, produce 9998 and need 10000 you will nearly lose all your units.

Another point: is there any method to handle this problem ?
Can I save energy if I move units to there trader stock ?
Can I destroy (not disassamble) units ? And how much I have to destroy ?

Because energy is very essantial for Krong it will be nice to see some data about the energy a single location is producing or consuming, maybe you can add an energy row in the tabels. By this I can also better organize my game play.
By the manual I know only the energy for average planet/star - but how much I lose on a small, cold star ? Whats are the cost of positoning some defending cec nodes on a planet surface with low crystal resources ...

Only my 2 cent,

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[Post Date: 20-Aug-2005 14:00]

all youve got to do is set your y units prouction to 0
then you will be using minmal energy and metal less then 10% of what you get from mines and cec
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