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Klutz Lament
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[Post Date: 10-Oct-2005 17:10]

Clicking on the link in some of the messages it brings up a screen that says "FAILED: System does not exist", but the system does exist.
The messages that I've found that do this are:
Strange spore abundance near one of our planets, possible Fagur planetary sense.
Planet lost due to Human invasion

A message whose link works is:
No population or troops on planet, colony was lost

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[Post Date: 10-Oct-2005 18:10]

if you ae refering to the links that normally bring up the system screen then check there is no blackhole in those coordinates first, if not then it is a bug(i think)
Klutz Lament
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[Post Date: 10-Oct-2005 23:50]

I have checked to make sure that the system exists. It does.