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[Post Date: 23-Feb-2005 17:45]

Empire: DeadLoss Ruler: LostSouls [Age: 0]
[Alliance: Commerce Coalition (CC)] 47535.978

This player has had a 0 beside him since early in the game is he alive and if so how how come? this does not seem right and I was just wondering if his name could be taken off the list in the HoFfor he seems to be in second place and I feel he should not be it even shows that he now has Orbital defences on his so called planetswhich were not there yesterday. When I try to hit him with a strike it continuely says He is under the age protection

this would be in the round of virgo in wihich is just about over

Thanks ZUKA
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[Post Date: 23-Feb-2005 18:21]

This is because player set vacation mode ON for Empire. During the vacation all processes are stopped in Empire and it look like new Empire for all other players. Player must manually switch vacation mode OFF, but he/she must wait at least 200 turns to do it.
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[Post Date: 24-Feb-2005 22:05]

Being on vacation Can you win that way?
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Theoretically - Yes. If You have 3 key planets and go to vacation... noone can attack You directly, but it is possible to make BH.
However, I`ll change the vacation procedure - if player has occuped at least 1 key planet he/she can not go to vacation. What is Your opinion ? Other players are welcome to this discussion too.
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[Post Date: 24-Feb-2005 23:33]

I think that there should be a set amount of turns max say turn 1000 after that no Vacation for any one and if you go an Vacation before that after a max of 250 turns and it auto kicks you from Vacation or the game. Personally I think that is the way it should be but It may be a bit of work to write that into a program I don't know
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[Post Date: 25-Feb-2005 17:32]

I like the idea of not being able to go on vacation if you hold one of the Guardian Planets... cause really thats what the game is about.... But in addition I think there scores should reflect there vacation mode as well..... If there on vacation mode there score should go to 0 as well, and in Alliance points they should be put at 0 as well...... therefore taking them off the HOF...........

But I would like to add that in such small time limit games (like Virgo) where vacation mode means you miss half of the game... If the game has a small turn count just remove vacation mode.... like Virgo..
Emperor L
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[Post Date: 22-Jul-2005 15:48]

I think a better way would be to allow the empire with the GP to go on vacation but the GP will not be protected and others can attack like normal.

All other planets could still be protected.