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[Post Date: 16-Sep-2005 17:44]

I'm sorry but, when i went to turn off vacation mode, I accidently hit apply twice, it seems to have turned it back on and now I can't play for 200 turns, which will end the game.

I'm Blaze in The Eye id 1019 i believe, let me know if this is possible, if not oh well i guess i'll have to wait til the reset.

also while i've been away, shadows units in the atmospher slowly killed off 1,800,000 of my anizaks and prolly only 20,000-30,000 of my sarcs. I thought I was under protection, i don't care about getting them back, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

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[Post Date: 16-Sep-2005 21:48]

Good bye ,Blaze-)))
it wosnt a bug when u clicked twice on vacantion mode button.I and we(LRH) will protest if admins will help u in that case.
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[Post Date: 16-Sep-2005 22:42]

man you guys really wanna win that bad, it's a good game, really you should only be able to go to vacation only so often and i made a mistake, why make a big deal over such a small problem, do you not like competition and if you don't then why do you play? I already said if they can't or won't allow it I wouldn't make a big deal and just wait for the next reset. You seriously should try being more sportsman like, it's sad that you'll use a chance like this for taking a possible victory.

it's sad i have to keep editing these because of spelling errors too.
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