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Guide's mistake/ Bug ?420-Nov-2004 22:0821-Nov-2004 18:48Green
Unable to *do* anything617-Nov-2004 10:0417-Nov-2004 21:31Green
Really weird bug?316-Nov-2004 06:0716-Nov-2004 13:06Green
Um.. Spelling?914-Nov-2004 01:2715-Nov-2004 00:53Havoc
The requested URL /guide\battle\b_*.html was not found on this server.1310-Nov-2004 17:2012-Nov-2004 14:28Fr3d
images missing in imagepack210-Nov-2004 16:1610-Nov-2004 18:05Green
Problems with attacking Guardians
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1929-Oct-2004 01:1810-Nov-2004 17:30nobby
Human invasion bug318-Oct-2004 11:5209-Nov-2004 10:24Maverick
Human Invasion, Fantom Defense508-Nov-2004 19:3709-Nov-2004 10:23Maverick
FAILED: Sorry, we can not find suitable location for your empire in Testing Grounds galaxy907-Nov-2004 15:0908-Nov-2004 00:27Green
keep raiding same planet207-Nov-2004 08:1407-Nov-2004 13:24Maverick
Bombardment, Insufficient Damage505-Nov-2004 20:3006-Nov-2004 18:06Zoo
Another bug I found. I have quite a collection now.j/k301-Nov-2004 22:4802-Nov-2004 08:22Maverick
Trading Bug426-Oct-2004 03:0726-Oct-2004 09:45Maverick
Combat Stats in Virgo325-Oct-2004 18:1625-Oct-2004 19:39Zoo
Merc planet range 415-Oct-2004 23:2921-Oct-2004 14:33Green
Human troopers215-Oct-2004 23:2816-Oct-2004 10:51Maverick
Game frozen615-Oct-2004 09:1816-Oct-2004 04:00pauldg
Fagur report113-Oct-2004 21:4213-Oct-2004 21:42skyraider
Mistake in reports605-Oct-2004 03:1211-Oct-2004 08:35Maverick
Numbering the Fleet209-Oct-2004 10:1009-Oct-2004 15:06Green
Just wondering...208-Oct-2004 06:1408-Oct-2004 14:11Maverick
another about galaxy map 205-Oct-2004 18:0406-Oct-2004 15:38Maverick
tactical and galaxy maps305-Oct-2004 00:2605-Oct-2004 08:39Maverick
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