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?'s about planet acquisitions230-Sep-2005 01:5230-Sep-2005 07:21Eternityswrath
Questions about gameplay - KRONG
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9613-Apr-2004 14:1829-Sep-2005 18:18Jay147
Concerning new round start303-Sep-2005 06:3923-Sep-2005 08:34Maverick
Next!320-Sep-2005 07:2221-Sep-2005 00:40shatteredrummer
is it illegal to have more than 1 account701-Sep-2005 18:4205-Sep-2005 04:47shatteredrummer
Questions about gameplay - HUMANS
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4613-Apr-2004 14:1931-Aug-2005 12:50Green
Human growth too slow
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1620-Aug-2005 06:3027-Aug-2005 08:05fatcat_89
sending satalites vs group exploreing (Newbie Help) 1506-Jun-2005 05:4625-Jul-2005 03:31Trev_lite
Face symbols222-Jul-2005 16:5822-Jul-2005 17:37Maverick
Planets and systems in galaxys222-Jul-2005 16:5222-Jul-2005 17:35Maverick
Vacation mode520-Jul-2005 13:5722-Jul-2005 16:25Emperor L
Next galaxy330-Jun-2005 00:1130-Jun-2005 15:54shatteredrummer
how do i join other games/galaxies229-Jun-2005 21:5029-Jun-2005 23:01pauldg
The Changes501-Jun-2005 23:5907-Jun-2005 13:26Green
Galaxies aren't starting825-May-2005 06:5605-Jun-2005 03:23Trev_lite
newbie help? 531-May-2005 22:4503-Jun-2005 01:52Foolieo21586
how do u switch galaxies223-May-2005 04:3423-May-2005 08:40Maverick
Anything New??1013-May-2005 02:1022-May-2005 08:47Startracker
What is happening?202-May-2005 13:4502-May-2005 16:51Green
Age 0 ?201-May-2005 07:4401-May-2005 08:17Comrade
generating blackholes925-Apr-2005 23:5129-Apr-2005 16:58Green
When do the new games start?921-Feb-2005 22:1611-Apr-2005 20:16Maverick
to developers..1104-Oct-2004 03:2403-Apr-2005 00:23pauldg
Raids???208-Mar-2005 02:5308-Mar-2005 11:38Comrade
2 LRH125-Feb-2005 13:4725-Feb-2005 13:47skyraider
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