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- Delete empty fleets option in fleets management screen
- Also i propose add new MOVE and UNION function for Fleet by drag and drop of fleet pictogram in fleet list This feature tell player a simple way to consolidate fleets from another systems.
REJECTED - For exploring, could fleets have an 'Auto explore' option, where they move to nearest unexplored star automaticaly, and keep on doing this.

REJECTED - make a special 'upgrade' for planets to increase the resource ammount

- In researsh screen, will be nice to enable filters for next types :"Researched" "Available for research" "Not available yet", But checks buttons already exists on help panel Color frames are good, but visible - invisible state is more informative. Also i like to add some ways to see dependences more informative, may be on bottom panel of form.
- Show any symbol ForEx: Q in technology bar if this techology added to queue. This is useful with unlimited Queue Service enabled

- Reserving empire name for an account
- reserving alliance name for an account

- I propose add direct links from turn messages list. For ex: message: planet colonized "Planet name", click to planet Name open Planet screen etc.

- Add new Column "Time" (Name Farmers Workers Scientists Building Time)
- Add Sorting By Name, FoodProduction, WorkerProdution etc relative to columns list.
- Add "Pay building" function directly through "time to build" mouse click
- Also for Planet window will be nice to add Production relocation and automatically send fleet to target after building
- Population be in billions instead of millions?

- Add possibility to place in queue multiple terraforming depend to planet class

- Automatically create freighter design when they are researched/available.
- Automatically create drone design when they are researched/available.
- Also, is it possible to rename a ship design once made, not delete it, just change the name

- Allow building of several ships of a kind in one order

- grid lines (these could be turned on and off at choice).
- Also have a click and drag way of moving about the map. Instead of using just the side scroll bars.
- Make it possible to create a full loop, so a ship can move around several stars and return to where it started.
- Also, could the full ship path be shown on map, not just the current movement, maybe this could be as a dotted line instead of a solid line.
- Also, could it be possible to add a way to make ships constantly follow a path? So, when a ship reaches the end, it starts back along the same path, then when its back at the start it moves again to the end, and keeps repeating this untill its told to stop. For a loop type path, it could constantly move in circles.
PARTLY DONE - When clicking a star, have a new 'Star menu' that shows system view as is, but also allows you to see all your fleets, (and all ships in that fleet) and then select that fleet to move to that system. This could be similar to the fleets screen in DQ:E.
- Also, if a ship has already been sent to a planet, and you try and send another, could a message tell you this? Also, if an ally has aready sent a ship, could it tell you also? You will have option to send another anyway, or cancel.
DONE -Also, is it possible to make the ship movement line invisible behind the ship? By this, I mean the line only shows where the ship has left to travel, and not where it has moved from.
- could any empire/alliance you have NAP with be marked blue? To mark between neutral, and Nap?

DONE - Also, for the forums, a few things still need to be added. Mostly an edit button for own posts, also hide the 'this message was edited...' part for posts that have not been edited since first posted, and is it possible to use ruler name instead of empire name?
- Also, we REALLY need smilies, no forum is complete without them . Even if they are just the same as the DQ:E smilies, that would be fine

- Freighters move with best available engine.
DONE - Show empire colonies limit status
- perhaps a service for a bit more customization? I'd -LOVE- to have the option to upload a few things, like civilization flags, or a species portrait here. little things like that.

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