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[Post Date: 17-Jul-2004 04:32]

I think humans "Planet Reports" should be available to all races as it is a neat tool to locate good planets, specially for mercenaries that otherwise have to lurk on the galaxy to find planets worthy of a nice raiding fleet.
In the case of mercs, it should be limited to inhabited planets within base range and/or fleet range (if you plan to continue the idea of limiting merc fleets range).
Moreover, the possibility to sort (both ascendig and descending) the result on one or more columns -I recommend 3 at least- could be a great improvement. For me, the candidate columns for sorting are Minerals, Crystals, Biomass, Size, Range, Owner (if it is inhabited) and Owner's Alliance (If allied).

What do you think?
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[Post Date: 17-Jul-2004 11:24]

Great suggestions. We will implement them as soon as possible