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[Post Date: 17-Sep-2005 16:04]

although i will play this game for a while i would like to know what other text based online games people play
i play many
space merchant realms
gangsterz2 <- if you want to try this out please click on this to deriect you there

if this is not allowed (maybe as it is advertising) feel free to tell me and i will get rid of this post

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[Post Date: 17-Sep-2005 16:43]

Why not allowed?

We are playing "Echelon: Wind Warriors", Q3TA, HL2, etc

Long long ago I`v played Earth 2025 and tried Uthopia.
For a short time we`v played EVE Online and Lineage2.
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[Post Date: 17-Sep-2005 18:01]

other game moderators would count this as spamming i guess its only cos they dont like competition
i will try some of those out too
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[Post Date: 17-Sep-2005 23:25]

I am playing Space from Coldfirestudios, and I have seen maverick on it, I think
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[Post Date: 14-Jul-2006 03:43]

I'm playing Times Of Conquest, another text based game (gotta love 'em).
Emperor L
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[Post Date: 14-Jul-2006 13:34]

I'm playing Times Of Conquest, another text based game (gotta love 'em).

I will take a look
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[Post Date: 15-Jul-2006 06:23]

I played it a loooong time ago, before there were even difficulty tiers so I was basically playing with the experts. Because of that and my (self proclaimed) text-gaming skills, I'm already ranked first of the beginning tier.

For the record, I'm Rionai in Trio on Delta (You wouldn't get from the forum name) and Kittiru on Times of Conquest. Hope I see you there ;D
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[Post Date: 01-Dec-2006 10:18] -- Divide & Conquer .
Emperor L
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[Post Date: 04-Dec-2006 23:23]

Quote -- Divide & Conquer .

All sound good games...only problem is I dont have time to play them I only play DQ:E right now, its sort of become part of life

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[Post Date: 22-Jan-2007 12:23]

I play Space Merchant Realms, Legend of the Green Dragon, Mutant Battles Online, and Stargate Wars in addition to this game. All of them are turn based so you only get to do so much at a time. When I get my own computer again....last one fried.... I will also be playing so regular games like Guild Wars, Deus Ex (I only play the multiplayer deathmatches anymore although I do design levels for this game), and any number of the huge collection of pc games I have acquired over the years....I actually have an original copy of Darklands with the thick instruction manual and the 3.5" floppy disks.....and if you are a collector of games and such and are going to I'm not getting rid of it.

I used to be an Everquest and EQ2 junkie but i have been reformed.......sort of.......i do miss my level 55 enchanter........
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[Post Date: 07-Feb-2007 23:05]

howdy yall,
i play tribalwars and battledawn, i use to play utopia tho i got bored lol.
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[Post Date: 08-Feb-2007 11:52]

I'm playing Utopia. and DQ only.

Utopia takes up alot of time, really addicting! hehe.