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[Post Date: 22-Jan-2007 12:45]

The following is just a direct copy and paste from the forums of the current Pleiads I figured may be of interest:

Emperor L
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[Post Date: 31-Dec-2006 22:56]

Hi, would it be possible to have a special tornament round where there would be a set amount of time for empire registration and after this time no new empires would be allowed to join? No prizes, but winners get put on front page or something.

After this the round would start and not end untill only one empire or alliance remained, or if all the guardians were captured by an alliance/empire. Basicaly there would be no end time limit (like turn 2500 is now), but would keep going untill one empire or alliance had total control, or took the 3 GP. If the GP are destroyed then the only way to win is to destroy all other empires. Or if empires surrender they can delete empire.

Not sure where is best, maybe The Eye galaxy would be good, or Pleiads.

Also have a good amount of time before any wars can begin, maybe a safe time of 1000 turns (or let players agree upon a time in galaxy where everyone agrees not to attack untill a set time) so empires can build to a good size, and then after this total war

Anyway, I thought this would make things more interesting, because now we dont have wars and everyone trys to stay peaceful...and after empires get big enough there is no need to do anything else...

What does everyone think?

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[Post Date: 22-Jan-2007 09:38]

i would say that they could make a special galaxy that nobody has ever played.....they have spare names if you bother to check during login. in this special galaxy they could probably do the restricted signup/safe times and could possibly make it 15 min turns or something so that its not quite as quick as tg but fast enough to be interesting.

i get kind of bored waiting forever during the slower galaxies

hey....maybe they could do a free for all total war galaxy where there could be no alliances and would only end with one empire standing