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[Post Date: 18-Jun-2009 06:16]

I just started playing the game last nite, and I picked the Fagur race. I've looked at the Guide and I'm still confused. How do Turns work? Is it a time based- where so many turns per hour? I've added things to the Queue and it hasn't changed since yesterday.

Emperor L
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[Post Date: 20-Jun-2009 13:34]

Its time based, but if nothing happens, then the galaxy you ar playing has ended, try and egister for another that is active. You can see how many turns have passed, and how many in total befor your register.

Time per turn depends on galaxy:

Testing Grounds: 10 Min
Virgo: 20 Min
Trio: 30 Min
The Eye: 40 Min
Pleaids: 20 Min (I think).

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[Post Date: 22-Jun-2009 01:14]

Ok, I restarted on the Testing Grounds and it WAS doing turns, but now seems to have stopped at 2238.. or was when I looked last The other I tried on The Eye, seems to be doing turns ok.

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[Post Date: 25-Jun-2009 00:22]

If you refer to DQ:E - I just restarted TG and reset (but not started) Pleiades.