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What's next:
- DONE: Freighters. Freighters are common for entire empire, you don't command them like fleets, you just have them. When needed they will be taken and used.
- DONE: Implementing maintenance and destroying ships/buildings if not enough resources.
- DONE: Rebalancing and restarting galaxy (with balanced planets, research times, buildings bonuses, population growth, etc)
- DONE: Planets report. Finding a planet in hundreds explored is quite hard. This will help you.
- DONE: Terraforming.
- DONE: Alliances.
- DONE: Battle system
- IN PROGRESS: In game forum. Alliance forum.
- DONE: Notifications.
- DONE: Path manager
- IN PROGRESS: Message system
- Rebalancing and restarting galaxy1 and galaxy2

- Planet Artifacts
- Spies.
- Military adviser. Adds bonuses to ships parameters.
- Governors. Adds bonuses to colony parameters.
- Scoring, lader.
- Wormholes, black holes, nebulae.
- Random events.
- NPC players.
- Guardian planets.

Other small features
- DONE: Renaming colonized planets. (renaming star systems canceled)
- DONE: Implementing influence of planet gravity on industrial production.
- DONE: Scrapping ships. Will generate 1/4 income from its initial cost.
- DONE: "Fast buy" function in colony queue. Allow buying needed "production" enough for finishing it in 1 turn.
- DONE: Recycling buildings. Recycling buildings will generate 1/4 income of initial building cost.
- DONE: Empire information bar.
- DONE: Colony notebook.
- DONE: Restricting buildings for different planet types and gravity.
- Unloading troops to planet from transporters.
- Star gates. Allow traveling between gates in 1 turn.
- Blockades. If in state of war an enemy fleet will blockade planets. No freighters and buying buildings not possible.

- DONE: Population transfer confirmation.
- DONE: Battles list pagination.
- Fleets list pagination.
- "Next colony" function in colony screen.
- "Food shortage" icon in colonies list and colony screen (i.e. when not enough freighters or blockade).
- DONE: "Planet information" tool tip in system bar, colony screen.

- Unlimited building queue for a period of time (non members will be able to queue 8 items only)
- Unlimited research queue for a period of time (non members will be able to queue 3 technologies only)
- No adds for a period of time
- Renaming personal planets
- Access to planets screen for a period of time
- Creating alliances
- Access to Observatories building (allows auto exploring of the systems)
- Other interactive map features

Accepted suggestions (not confirmed though)
- New technology and building - Planetary shields
- Delete empty fleets option in fleets management screen
- New Building - Orbital Observatory

Note: order could be change.

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Status updated.
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Status updated.
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Status updated.
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Status changed.

I found that without alliances and relations/treaties battle system would not be applicable, so I was forced to change the order of feature implementation.
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Status changed.
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