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[Post Date: 13-Nov-2004 23:33]

I started playing this game not so long ago, and I'm discovering that there is some politics in the game that transcends individual galaxies. It seems there are at least two well-established alliances (TF and LRH) that have been formed in several galaxies. I get the feeling they have been fighting each other, perhaps on more than one occasion. Before getting caught up in that myself, it would be nice to know a little more about them.

So can anyone explain who these alliances are, and what kind of history they have?
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[Post Date: 14-Nov-2004 15:29]

This war come from beta age of this game. Just a little history.

Far, far away... in the history ....

DQ:Empires was started in 1997 as our hobby. This was version 0.1 and it has nothing common with current game - we was inspired by Earth:2025 web game .
At 1999 we decided to drop our design and started new one. Fagur and Krong appeared in 2000. This project hosted on server, which hostname was "virgo" - so, this was known as "Virgo project". Due to some circumstances this project was frozen for 3 years.
One day, in November, 14th (yes, this is a date!!) one of our friend offered us to reanimate this project - his name is Vladimir and he is known as BigMals or Malsiara. He sponsored developmend and hosting - and at april, 2004 first beta started.
Due the fact, that 95-98% of game logic is written in SQL (we are using Firebird), the major number of betatesters was programmers related to this SQL server. One of them founded Trading Federation alliance, and we (developers) joined them - they was surprised, when we discovered our faces Moreover, we played incognito all 2nd beta - and discovered us only at the end of game.
Vladimir have number of cyber-cafes in Chisinau (where we are from) and some of his cafe-managers founded WCN alliance, which was renamed in LRH later.
And the war starded. This was good war - sometimes we added fuel in it`s flame - adwisedly. You may ask, why? We needed stress-test for our battle system, we needed stress test to entrie game. For example, one player from WCN made first galaxy one big black hole - which resulted in recoding all battle system code.
Ofcourse, we played for TF. And ofcourse many times TF was winners in the battles (not all time, but mostly). And ofcourse, we always got a lot of indictments in cheating - but we never did them, but we can not proof this.
So, just to not start flame again, TF is a history now, because release round was the last for all TF players.

May be I`m not 100% right, but this is my point of view.

P.S. The confrontation between TF and LRH can be used as separate scenario for separate game. What You say about "DQ: The great Confontation" ?
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[Post Date: 14-Nov-2004 19:11]

Thank you, this is very interesting to know.

I think developers of a game like this face a difficult problem: They naturally want to play their own game, but it is very easy for other players to suspect foul play in any unusual circumstances where a developer is involved. Not that we suspect your moral integrity, of course, but you do have that ability to execute a special little SQL statement
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[Post Date: 26-Dec-2004 06:12]

LOL, just play in TG, no-one there will care , then the TF could even be there
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[Post Date: 12-Mar-2005 23:49]

nice little story