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Emperor L
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[Post Date: 04-Oct-2006 01:15]

I know that right now this cant be done because of work on DQ: OS, but I will put it anyway, maybe it could also be used in the new game

What I was thinking is that some sort of path finding could be used to work out the quickest and safest route for human and merc fleets when moving. Normaly this is just a line, but if a wormhole exists that will make the journey quicker, then the ships could automaticaly go to the worm hole and then go to the target after this. Also if BH are in an area, instead of just flying to there death, ships could take a route that avoids the BH and go around it. This route would probably have to be recalculated each turn so that ships can avoid BH that are just made and also use new WH.

Also it could be possible to use this system for krong also, nodes could automaticaly jump to a WH and then jump to target after using it, this would save having to enter the coordinates of WH and then target after.

Fagur do not use WH so this would not effect them, but it could be possible to check if a BH will get in the way before the horde is catapulted. If one is in the way then a message saying this could be displayed and the horde would not be sent. If a BH is made after it is sent it would just be destroyed as normal.

Only problems I can think of is wormhole stability. If a wormhole closes for a while when a ship is moving towards it then this could cause problems. But it could be possible to have a system 'timetable' (not seen by players) of when a WH will open and close and then ships can either wait for it to open, or take a normal route.

Also ETA calculation could be a problem as route recalculations could cause this to change. But just displaying a message on the recent events saying this could be ok