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[Post Date: 17-Nov-2004 15:12]

Well I'm a mercenary on the testing ground galaxy and when I click on the fleets button on the system its black, I also tried accessing the fleets by clicking on neutral planets but it didnt work.
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[Post Date: 17-Nov-2004 16:47]

Please, provide Your EmireID (just click info on Your base on sector map) and more detailed info about browser/version/OS - because all fleet related pages are generated on client side via Java Script - may be it is disabled ?
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[Post Date: 18-Nov-2004 00:43]

My empire ID is 1143. Thanks
I'm using Safari on Mac OS 10 and Its never had problems like this before
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[Post Date: 18-Nov-2004 11:22]

I'm using Safari on Mac OS 10

I think here is the problem. We did not tested our game under MAC OS - we have no such possibility.
Can You chek in other browser, like Mozilla ? I just tested (under IE) - all work fine and I can see Your fleet.
If You see Java Script console in this browser (if it exists) and say what error displayed - may be we can fix it.

P.S. I think it will work under Mozilla.
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[Post Date: 31-Oct-2006 14:27]

Erm, this thread is pretty old.
But i'm experiancing the same bug.
Only, it happens when i use the image pack.
The fleet screen appears Black.
Trying to open fleet screen on star-systems is also black.

Not a big problem tho... just stop using imag pack works.

I'm using IE.
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[Post Date: 07-Nov-2006 12:33]

Try to inverse slashes. I`m using "/" instead "\" - all work fine.