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[Post Date: 11-Sep-2004 04:15]

I started a scan (Y-node creation) of a star far away from the core. I forgot to set up the acceleration, and the scan will finish in approx. 120 ticks. Since the 50 Y-units already disappeared, I can't stop the scan, and I can't initiate a new scan with acceleration because I get a "Scan already in progress" error message.

I suggest that the new Y-units be assigned a new action "scan", which will work like other actions (forex. "jump"), which can be cancelled.
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[Post Date: 11-Sep-2004 13:53]

No, it will not be possible due to Krong side design. You should check what are You doing before pressing "execute" button. One think I can add - to put default value to 100 in acceleration field in case of scanning. There is another solution : ask You ally to explore/scan this sytem.