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Emperor L
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[Post Date: 08-Aug-2007 19:01]

I know this cant be added right now, but I will post this here for the future, or maybe even for use in OS.

One thing mercs could offer is to give money loans to empires, with an agreed ammount of interest, and a date when it must be paid back. This will give empires money when they really need it, and also make profit for the merc. This could have a separate screen in market, where each merc sets a percentage interest, repayment date, minimum and maximum loan ammounts etc, and players can choose the one they want.

Players will be able to repay a loan also from this screen, either all in one go or by a bit at a time.

Also if players do not repay the loan by an agreed date, money will automaticaly be taken from empire and given to merc, if they do not hace enough money then resources will be taken from empire stock and exchanged at market sell rate and this money will be given to merc. If still not enough money, then ships/m-nodes/creatures will be taken and sold for an ammount and this money will be given to the merc.

If after this there is not enough money, buildings/I-nodes/organs will be sold from planets.

If after this there is still not enough money (the empire will have been destroyed as everything is sold), the merc will loose that money and have to accept it as a loss.

If by repay date the loan is not repaid, the merc will have the option to extend the repayment time (to another time) or reposess as said above.

Another merc mission could be to defend a location for an empire, in this case the merc will send an agreed number of fighters to that location and act the same as an allied fleet in help allie mode. It will protect the empires fleets/planets/base etc. When placing the mission the player will choose how long they want to hire the merc for, how many ships they want etc