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[Post Date: 17-Sep-2005 21:37]

All changes are _not_ final. More changes could appear during the roud.

1. New alghoritm for price calculation for goods on market.
2. You cannot transfer money for mercenary directly. Use merc services for that.
3. Merc fleet maintenance costs were increased. Radar range decreased by 1/2.
4. Larva production slightly decreased. Spore production increased. Hives suport more creatures (2x) and creature maintenance were increased.
5. Transports cost more. Transports and bombers maintenance increased. Fighters food consumptions decreased. Research costs increased (2x).
6. CEC will generate less energy on orbit. CEC maintenace costs increased. CEC production costs increased (from 130Y to 150Y). Research costs increased (2x).

Once again this changes are not final.