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- Time to change fagur's central hive is 15 turns
- Bio-forming is cheaper and faster now.
- Hive biogel decreased. Troph production increased.

- Worm Holes. Krong now can generate Worm Holes in space.

- Time to change human's central system is decreased,now 50 turns.
- Human's transports has 150hp when invading.
- Construction time for human buildings was decreased, now: factory - 40, bases - 61, labs - 55, orbital bases - 100.
- Troops training time was decreased, now 40 turns.

- Enhanced Merc's tactical map
- Merc's new mission: base search. Now mercenary can search for cloaked enemy bases.
- Merc's new mission: mercenary base sabotage.

- New tactical map: galaxy and alliance battle fields. On map a battle location will be marked by a circle.
More battles take place in same location the bigger the circle will be. Will be shown battles for last 200 turns.
- Goods will be sent to trader's stock faster, now in 50 turns.
- Colonization limit is now variable and depends on time how much turns in curren round passed. Base colonization limits are: Fagur - 50, Krong - 25, Human -

75. It means that after each 500 turns you will be able to colonize up to 1/4 more planets of base colonization limit.
Formula: Limit = BaseLimit * (1 + 0.25 * trunc(GalaxyTime/500) )
- Bonus resources for players who will join a galaxy round in progress. Resources are given to decrease disadvantages for a late start.
All resources will be placed in trader's stock.
- Score is changed to 0 when in vacation mode.
- Minimal lot for a transaction on the market is 100000 units.
- Several bug fixes and interface enhancements.

- New report - fleets in range. Will show any military fleets in range of the alliance systems.
- Traders will generate missions for mercs and pay good revenue.