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DQ Team is glad to announce the 1st tournament for DELTA QUADRANT: Empires. Prepare to compete for prizes and supremacy!

Let the best win!

Warm Regards,
DQ Team

P.S. Stay tuned with following tournament news
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[Post Date: 30-Dec-2004 15:20]

Tournament rules for Trio Galaxy:

- All players can enter the tournament Galaxy for free.
- One empire per player may be registered in tournament galaxy only.
- Each player must provide real information in the personal profile. It must be entered before registering in tournament galaxy. Once registered, player`s profile will be locked until round ends to avoid speculations and multiaccounting.
- Player must be able to receive cash prizes.
- DQ Team members can not participate in the tournament.


If tournament ends by turn limit
- Top empire from each race win $25 USD (i.e. top Fagur, top Krong, top Human, top Merc)
- For each guardian planet the owner will gain $15 USD

If tournament ends by conquering and holding all guardian planets
- Top empire from each race win $15 USD (i.e. top Fagur, top Krong, top Human, top Merc)
- The leader of the winning alliance (or winning empire) will receive $90 USD. In case of winning alliance it's leader is responsible for prize repartition between alliance members.

*Transfer fees will be deducted from prize amount
** Additional prizes might be added during tournament

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[Post Date: 06-Jan-2005 14:53]

TOURNAMET GALAXY is opened for registration. Time starts on 11th of January 2005 at 10:00 (GMT+2). Before joining tournament galaxy please read tournamnet rules (above).

Let the best win.
DQ Team