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Emperor L
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[Post Date: 01-Jan-2009 20:44]

Many of the guide links, link to the top of the page, and its not so useful to players.

A few anchors to sections and sub sections could help a lot, here is a list. I will use format '[anchor = PageName#SectionHeading]Text[/anchor]'.

Getting started Page:

For help on creating an empire, see the 'Getting Started' section on the empire page.

Could change to 'For help on creating an empire, see [anchor = Empire#Getting Started]Getting Started[/anchor].

Empire Page:

In the section 'Empire Selection', it says:

see the section Getting Started above

Maybe change to 'see [anchor = Empire#Getting Started]Getting Started[/anchor].'

Thats all I can find for now, but maybe more later.

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[Post Date: 02-Jan-2009 13:16]

Maybe later when a more solid guide will be ready we'll add a sort of "page contents" where needed with anchors. Meanwhile a lot of work to do to current guide