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EDIT 2: Now I am really confused as I don't know which game The Pleiads belongs to.

EDIT: Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. My suggestions were meant for DQ: Horizons.

In my opinion, these small additions would speed up playing.

1) An extra row in Extended Core report, showing the equation "Producing - Consuming".

2) Planet resources and player's units could be shown in the same screen. Either show resources on the system screen under each planet, or show the resources and units on the planetary window.

3) Currently it is too easy to land mining units etc. on the wrong planet and never realise that. The solution is to show how much each unit group produces on each planet per turn. This info could be shown either on the system screen or on the planetary window.

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Sounds like your playing DQ:Empires. This is the old DQ game, and is not being worked on as far as I know now, instead a new game (DQ:Horizons) is in beta now, check it out at

If your playing DQ:H, then post your suggestions in the forums on that site, the DQ:H forums on this site are from before DQ:H had its own forums.