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Emperor L
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[Post Date: 14-Jun-2007 17:15]

Just an idea, but maybe when sending a fleet you could supply a set ammount of resources that will be used by that fleet for defencive sheilding.

Humans could use energy for force feilds

Krong could use Y-units for a nano-sheild (where the nano machines form a sheild and take dammage in place of the nodes).

Fagur dont fight in space so they dont need any sheilding.

Mercs could pay the traders to defend them for a while, and as long as they have money the traders ships will defend the merc fleet and even base.

I was thinking that maybe 1 resource would be used for each dammage the fleets take (maybe for krong 1 Y-units will be used to protect against 2 dammage), so it will be quite expencive to sheild a fleet, quite often my fleets take millions of dammage, so it would take millions of resources to defend, and of course both sides would have sheilds so it would be fair.

Maybe for krong it would only protect M-nodes, this will also limit the use of CEC in battles as they are very strong and cheap to use, and this is often an unfair advantage in battle, in this case the attacking fleets will be defended but the CEC wont, so maybe this will balance it a little

Things like psi-storm, e-storm and EMP could disrupt sheilds of fleets (psi-storm disrupts human sheilding, e-storm disrupts merc sheilds and EMP disrupts krong sheilds). Not sure what effect disrupting the sheilds would have, maybe the fleets sheilds will be disabled for a set ammount of turns or maybe it will just do dammage to the sheilds...

Anyway, you would choose how much resources to send when giving the fleet orders, like when you choose how many ships/units to send, another box could be added to enter how many resources would be sent with the fleet, this will then be subtracted from the empire stock (if enough exists) and will move with that fleet, there should also be an option to send the resources back to empire stock if nessasary.

Once all the resources are used the fleets will begin taking dammage like normal.

What does anyone think?

Emperor L
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[Post Date: 14-Jun-2007 17:27]

Just another possibility is that for mercs it could use spy-units for defence, when sending a fleet to do a non-sabotage type mission, if that fleet has spy units, setting the spy unit distribution would set that % of spys to protect the rest of the fleet, during sabotage missions this already happens in a way, so its quite similar to what happens already. The base could also have an option in assignments where a % of any spy-units that are idle at the base will automaticaly defend the base if it is attacked.

While spys are in sheild mode they will have 10 HP but will not be able to attack the enemy fleets, so it will have 10X the defence of normal, but 0 attack power.

Also for krong the option of using y-units could be very similar, if a node contains y-units it could be possible to set a % of those that will be used for sheilding This will be very similar to the mercs use of spy-units...Maybe Y-units would have 5 HP and 0 attack during sheilding as they are cheaper than spys to make.

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